COVID-19 Update:

Clinical Cancellations Prompt NovEx to Strategically Partner with HealthImpact to Provide Online Clinical Replacement Simulation Program.  Click here for more information. 


UNTIL NOW no reliable, expedient education has resolved the most urgent problem of new and non-expert nurses: ability to clinical thinking and reasoning. 

NovEx presents an innovative, interactive program that compels the development of clinical thinking and good judgment to better prepare practice-ready clinicians. NovEx has proven to save more lives and reduce hospital costs. Working with Patricia Benner, NovEx‘s groundbreaking “Clinical Thinking & Reasoning” course resolves the persistent barriers to ensure safe, practice-ready clinicians. NovEx’s unprecedented practice outcomes produce dramatic improvements in the quality of patient care and striking reductions in sentinel events and failures-to-rescue.

How We Help:

REDUCE Orientation Costs             

DECREASE Sepsis Costs                                          

REDUCE Failures-to- Rescue 

DECREASE Cost of Hospitalizations 

Shorten time to Competence or Safe Practices

Teach & Validate Best Practices