First Ever Evidence Based Practice Program Driven by Performance Outcomes.

UNTIL NOW no reliable, expedient, education has resolved the most urgent problem of new and non-expert nurses: the ability to clinically think, reason, and make good judgements. 

NovEx presents an innovative, interactive program that compels the development of clinical thinking and good judgment to better prepare practice-ready clinicians. NovEx has proven to save more lives and reduce hospital costs. Working with Patricia Benner, NovEx‘s groundbreaking “Clinical Thinking & Reasoning” course resolves the persistent barriers to ensure safe, practice-ready clinicians. NovEx’s unprecedented practice outcomes produce dramatic improvements in the quality of patient care and striking reductions in sentinel events and failures-to-rescue.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced most faculty and continues to force many faculty in academic programs to adopt remote learning NovEx developed several courses to meet the ever-changing demands of the clinical simulation environment. NovEx is NOW offering courses to all colleges and universities. Click here to visit our Academics page to see a full list of offerings.

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We have created some sepsis warriors!
TN Resident Educator