Solutions to Prepare Practice-Ready Nurses

NovEx provides solutions for educating clinicians and students. NovEx solutions enhance and expand the traditional education processes by delivering relevant information coupled with extensive interactive and engaging practice cases that challenge clinicians and students to use knowledge as they gain it. The programs focus on essential knowledge needed for learning and performing skillfully in a real world clinical settings.NovEx

At NovEx, we are driven by a passion for delivering solutions that close the widening gap between current educational processes and real world practice. We focus on solutions that support a clinicians ability to be practice ready. Our highly interactive programs engage learners to develop clinical thinking and reasoning, good clinical judgement, and clinical imagination skills, all habits of practice that are essential for developing expertise.

Clinical protocols and best practice guidelines are constantly changing and being updated. Few clinical educators can keep up-to-date at an expert level on all the topics and specialties. Our team of content experts provides regular updates to reflect the latest quality, evidence-based and cost-effective guidelines and practices.