Faculty Embrace NovEx Simulations and Analytics as a Necessity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced most faculty and continues to force many faculty in
academic programs to adopt remote learning, faculty shared that NovEx’s virtual simulations don’t
simply offer a solid clinical replacement. Additionally, faculty explained that access to Learners’ thinking,
reasoning, and judgments provides previously unavailable insight, which makes NovEx an indispensable
advancement in understanding, tracking, and coaching for learning. Hence, more and more faculty are integrating NovEx as a preparatory program prior to entering Clinical Rotations to help students get the most out of their clinical experiences. Faculty who are maximizing the benefits of NovEx strongly contend that NovEx Performance Analytics predict which Learners are ready to safely enter Clinicals. In response to these critical needs, NovEx Novice to Expert Learning, LLC, continues to provide and expand virtual, immersive clinical simulations to universities and colleges across the United States.

The NovEx-Benner Advantage

The NovEx virtual clinical simulation programs, which integrate Dr. Patricia Benner’s research, offer distinct advantages compared to most educational and clinical courses.

For Learners

  • NovE-cases are “unfolding” authentic clinical simulation cases with real patient presentations, data, evidence-based interventions, and responses.
  • NovE-cases provide rich opportunities for Learners to enter patients’ rooms as the nurse and clinically and extensively care for them.
  • Learners may reenter the patient situations for deeper learning and for self-remediation if needed.
  • Learners provide extensive care that includes individualized patient interventions: highest priority and urgent collaborative interventions, comfort care, symptom management, safety and preventative inventions, and patient education.
  • Learners are alerted immediately to any errors in their responses, including problems related to urgency and/or priority of actions.
  • Learners may work alone, in small groups, or in large groups as assigned by the faculty.

For Faculty

  • Faculty have a wide variety of NovE-case patients to select from to form assignments, focusing on the most prevalent patient groups nationally who require care.
  • NovEx is robust enough to accommodate common Learner learning objectives such as, but not limited to, conducting patient assessments, implementing nursing interventions, developing clinical reasoning and judgment, ongoing evaluation of care, and providing patient education.
  • Faculty can assign their own institution’s SBAR, concept maps or care plans, delegation, and journaling as supplemental learning activities to each of the NovE-cases.
  • NovEx allows faculty to track Learner progress and provides real-time alerts to the faculty when a Learner commits a serious error.
  • NovEx Analytics reports enable faculty to pinpoint knowledge gaps and problems in Learner’s clinical performance early so that immediate coaching can improve their patient safety and performance.
  • NovEx situates Learners in their clinicals to develop clinical thinking and reasoning skills and to better prepare Learners to become practice-ready. NovEx does not present questions (which replace the learner’s thinking) to your Learners; instead, as in real life, they must develop recognition skills to guide their thinking and judgment.
  • NovEx’s focus on early warning signals and intervention has resulted in consistently improved patient safety outcomes and reduced failures-to-rescue.
  • Sequential NovEx programs are structured to compel development along the novice to expert trajectory. Each course challenges  learners to problem solve from more simple to more complex to prepare for practice-readiness.

Performance & Knowledge Outcomes:

NovEx has proven performance outcomes (well beyond memorization of facts). Outcomes include: development of clinical thinking & reasoning, safer and evidence-based clinical judgement, improved patient-safety, and reduced failure-to-rescue (Chan & Burns, in press). NovEx uses AI (artificial intelligence) to produce ongoing, current performance reports so that faculty can see how learners are thinking and problem-solving, and can immediately diagnose gaps in knowledge or problem-solving in order to provide coaching for assistance.

    Chan, G. & Burns, E. (in press). Quantifying and remediating the new graduate nurse resident academic-practice gap using online patient simulation. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing.

NovEx Courses: 

  • Fundamentals
  • Med Surg I
  • Med Surg II
  • Mini-Med Surg I
  • Mini- Med Surg II
  • More coming soon…

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