NEW!! Learner Gamification: 

Additional innovations to education that integrate game-like design elements into a new learning experience! The new NovEx gamification has not only improved engagement but heightened learner motivation in new ways! Learner gamification leverages human desire for competition, achievement, and learning. Further, the gamification along with specific feedback on

performance encourages learners to actively participate in their educational journey. NovEx gamification now fosters a new sense of enjoyment and fun but also promotes the development and measurement of collaboration, clinical thinking, problem-solving, and judgment competencies. FINALLY, NovEx is making education more dynamic for learners of ALL ages and backgrounds!


Learning Platform Features :

  • Instant load time for each NovE-Case
  • Streamlined navigation
  • New hotspots for Emergency care & PPE
  • New heart rhythm displays
  • Medication “6 Rights”
  • Expanded Emotional & Spiritual Care
  • Covid Rapid Testing & Treatments
  • Improved AI-driven Performance Analytics
  • Improved efficiency in functionality
  • Tablet compatibility: iOS & Android
  • New User friendly features