NovEx Courses:

  • Fundamentals
  • Med Surg I
  • Med Surg II 
  • Mini- Med Surg I 
  • Mini- Med Surg II 

Med Surg Clinical I (MSCI) Experience
This virtual “clinical” is intended for Junior Level Learners to gain experience assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patients across conditions (see Table). Learners gain access to succinct yet comprehensive Lessons and to 50 NovE-cases (or 25 NovE-cases in the Mini). Faculty can assign the most appropriate patients for their Learners. Additionally, an Advanced Clinical I Patient Group is provided as the last module to improve deep and situated learning while teaching clinical thinking and reasoning. Learners repeatedly express their preference for the NovEx Lessons because these set them up for good clinical reasoning and interventions.

Med Surg Clinical II (MSCII) Experience
This virtual “clinical” is intended for Senior Level Learners to learn and care for more complex patient situations. To be practice-ready, Learners must learn to compare and contrast similar situations. The NovEx Lessons and 50 NovE-Cases cases (or 25 NovE-cases in the Mini) in Med Surg Clinical II provides higher-level challenges to advance their development. Additionally, an Advanced Clinical II module is provided at the end to ensure Learners gain essential experience prior to entry into practice after graduation.

Fundamentals Virtual Clinical Experience
This virtual “clinical” is intended for Entry Level Students to learn which patients and when to use the fundamental procedures they learned. Procedures are commonly learned outside the context of a patient’s authentic situation. NovEx provides 11 NovE-Cases that focus on helping Learners recognize what situations call for the use of particular procedures and when procedures are clinically needed, rather than on the step-by-step teaching of a specific procedure, which can be found in their Fundamentals textbooks. Fundamental NovE-Cases engage Learners to begin clinically thinking and reasoning upon entry into their nursing education.

Comparison to Other Online Clinical Simulation Programs

Learning Objectives

Dr. Benner has reviewed examples of learning objectives and matched them to the functionality in NovEx.  To view how NovEx meets objectives, please download the handout here.

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