Patient Safety | Quality Improvement | Performance Outcomes

Reduces Med Errors

  • Reduced medication errors of all types from 766 errors  (mostly IV and IV push) down to 160 errors (mostly oral and not as dangerous)
  • Reduced wrongly administered meds from 76% of patients down to 29%.
  • Reduced wrong IV push (meds injected IV over 1-3 minutes) medications from 78 med errors down to 9 errors.
  • Reduced wrong IV infused medications from 321 errors down to 60 errors.

Improves Costs

  • Decreased Orientation time or time to practice-readiness by 33%
  • Decreased mortality due to sepsis by 30%, sustained reduction after 1 year
  • Decreased the need to extend Orientation by >90%
  • Improved Retention up to >90%
  • Saved over 1 million dollars in improved retention in a small cohort

Improves Quality of Care

NovEx learners improved their ability to provide good care in the most frequent patient populations: For example,

Overall: Greatly improved clinical thinking and reasoning from 35% up to 76% in accurate and priority care of patients.

Reduces Sentinel Events

  • Reduced the incidence of sentinel events from 28% to 3%.
  • Patient safety greatly improved as nurses stopped wrongly selecting the most dangerous medications and the most dangerous administration routes (e.g., IV push, IV) that quickly and often fatally harm patients.

Reduces Failures to Rescue

  • Reduces the failure to recognize urgent situations and get help from 38% down to 17%
  • Greatly reduced failure-to-rescue by improving early recognition and treatment in the most urgent and frequently seen patients: ACS (8% up to 94%), COPD (3%  up to 82%),  Sepsis (10% up to 76%), and Stroke (0% to 71%)

Improves Patient Care in Top Readmission Populations

  • Learners more than doubled their abilities to recognize and safely care for all patient populations in the top readmission condition, such as: Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes, ACS, Pneumonia, Sepsis, etc.

Program Highlights:

• Hundreds of authentic, “unfolding” patient cases with extensive library

• Pre & Post Tests

• NovEx Performance Analytics ***

Focuses on early recognition, thinking, reasoning, & judgment; not primarily on content which learners have already proven they know (via NCLEX)

Provides detailed insight about each learner’s thinking & reasoning, interventions, timing, and patient evaluations

Shows the learner’s knowledge and use of evidence-based practices

Allows pinpointing learning needs that can be readily resolved, unlike simple pass/fail results.

Produces key outcome data: med errors, sentinel events, failures-to-rescue, patient safety problems, and more.